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Providing expertise & relationships for educators of post-secondary Christian training programs & schools
Membership has its benefits. Our members benefit by networking with other educational professionals who seek to grow their training programs & schools in order to impact the world for Christ.

​​Members also benefit by having a new way to build credibility & accountability outside of traditional accrediting organizations. This is a network of diverse seasoned educators from Universities, Colleges, Ministry Schools and Training Centers from around the world.
ACEA is a network of Christian educators and Christian training programs & schools. We exist to provide both credibility through accountability or credibility through association.

We do this through ​​developing Christ-honoring relationships, sharing expertise and resources through forums, panel discussions, and plenary lectures by such world renown speakers as Dr. C. Peter Wagner & Dr. Larry Krieder.
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Academic Council for Educational Accountability
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Schools Network

ACEA-Schools: The Academic Council for Educational Accountability is a global network of like-minded Christian men and women called to the field of education.

Professionals Society

ACEA-Professionals: The Associated Christian Educators and Administrators Society was established in 2009 as an outreach of ACEA International (founded in 1998)
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