ACEA is a network of Christian educators and administrators providing credibility both through accountability and association. This is accomplished through the development of Christ-honoring relationships and the sharing of expertise and resources. We call these the 3 R's of ACEA: relationship, resources, and recognition. Relationship with like-minded individuals that are also called to influence and impact the education mountain. Recognition for your school and support team at the annual ACEA Summit and listed on the Partner Page of this website. Resources available to you as a member and the resources that you will have opportunity to share with others.

For example, ACEA members have developed hundreds of courses that are being utilized in their schools of ministry, institutes and colleges:
  • Theological and practical ministry courses
  • ​Apostolic and prophetic courses
  • Christian counseling courses
  • Specialty certificate programs
  • Publishing Services
  • And more...



Academic Council for Educational Accountability
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ACEA Summits

Mark Your Calendar 

May 26- 28, 2020 Portland, OR​
June 1-3, 2021 Florida​ ​


Dr. Tim Hamon, President ACEA International

Dr. Tim Hamon wants those he influences to succeed. As an instructor, author and international keynote speaker, Dr. Tim equips leaders to hear God's voice and change their world. As CEO at Christian International Ministries, Dr.Tim has expanded the impact of the organization which has reached record constituency while sustaining 50 years of proven ministry.

With a Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Leadership from Regent University, leadership is Dr. Tim's way of life. His leadership style believes the best of others, empowers proactive responsibility, and celebrates the asset of each team member. Notable organizations like the International Leadership Embassy and various ministries, businesses and schools around the world have partnered with him inviting his cutting-edge leadership to their boards. Dr. Tim continues to enhance his leadership and influence by participating in organizations such as the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders and Christian Leadership Alliance.
The ACEA International Team:
Dr. Stan DeKoven, CEO ACEA International

Dr. Stan DeKoven is a native Californian with a passion for teaching, training, networking and writing. A product of secular educational systems and nontraditional theological education, he is considered a pioneer in the development of church based training programs. Partnering with Dr. Ken Chant of Australia, Dr. Stan has helped develop curriculum and a network of college programs that span the globe and offers distance education programs with degrees from Associates to Doctorates through Vision International University, through their proprietary On Line Learning System. Vision International University was one of the earliest members of ACEA, and as its leader Dr. DeKoven has contributed numerous articles and presented workshops in conjunction with many other members of ACEA. He now serves with delight, along with Dr. Tim Hamon and the Executive Council to give guidance and direction to ACEA.

Catherine M. Lovett, COO of ACEA International

Catherine M. Lovett is the Director of Marketing and Resource Development at Christian International Ministries. In her almost two decades with CI she has developed a diversity of training resources and support programs, specifically, business focused and strongly believes in the potential of future generations. She continues to teach and train, through workshops and seminars, business, marketing and leadership. She is an instructor at University of Phoenix (online) and Vision Leadership Institute. Catherine is a published author; both books and scholarly journals.

A "Nole"at heart Catherine holds a BS in Business Management, and a MBA in Business Administration, (with a minor in marketing), from Florida State University. She is in the final stages of her dissertation work for her PhD in Management with Walden University. She is firmly committed to community outreach and serves on various committees with volunteer organizations including the American Red Cross, Children's Advocacy Council, and Chamber of Commerce. She is the proud mother of three children (and their spouses) and six grandchildren. Catherine resides in beautiful Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

We Currently Offer Membership to Two Networks

ACEA offers two membership networks in order to better serve your needs. We offer membership in the ACEA-Professionals Society and we offer membership in the ACEA-Schools Network.

ACEA-Professionals Society is designed for individual Christian educators and administrators interested in networking with other education professionals who are seeking to grow in their Christian impact and professional development. For more information on ACEA-Professionals Society, navigate to our Professionals webpage.

ACEA-Schools Network is designed for adult Christian colleges/schools/training programs that are looking for a way to build credibility through accountability outside of traditional accrediting organizations. Our schools network provides a creative alternative to accreditation using relationship-based peer reviews to provide invited accountability as desired.

Dr. Tim Hamon
​President of ACEA International, CEO of Christian International Ministries Network and President of the CI Equipping Network.

Dr. Stan DeKoven 
CEO of ACEA International, President of Vision International University.

Catherine M. Lovett, PhD, ABD 
COO at ACEA International, Professor at University of Phoenix, Director of Marketing and Resource Development at CI Ministries Network.

Dr. Leo Lawson
​ICECAP Director; EN International Educational Consultant; CH Director of Program Development

Brian Sauder
ACEA Executive VP, Treasurer, and Director of Peer Reviews – Brian Sauder currently serves on the International Apostolic Council of DOVE Christian Fellowship and directs the DOVE Training Schools.

Ken Malmin 
Director of ACEA Professionals Association – Ken Malmin serves as Dean and Professor of Theology at Portland Bible College. ​​

Drew Brown 
Director of ACEA International Peer Reviews and Web Manager – Drew Brown is the Operational Director of Prepare International. 

Dr. Ian Bond 
Director of ACEA Peer-Reviewed Writings – Dr. Ian Bond serves as Director of the Office of International Education and Outreach at Columbus Technical College in Columbus, GA.