ACEA Member Schools

Ames Christian University

Central Florida Bible College

Christian Bible Institute​​

​​Christian International Equipping Network

Christian Leaders Institute

Crown Theological Seminary​​

DOVE Church Planting and Leadership School

Faith Christian University​

Grace and Peace Institute of Biblical Studies​​

IA College of Ministry

International Institute of Church Management​​

La U​niversidad Cristiana

Liberty College of Ministry

MFH Church of the Streets​

​​Nation 2 Nation Christian University

Portland Bible College

Rapha Deliverance University of Practical Ministry​​

Summit Bible College​​

Wisdom School of Theology and Bible

​​Yeoman Ministry Institute ​​

ACEA Professionals Society Members

​​Dr. Ian Bond - Teach the Nations, Inc.

Drew Brown - Prepare International School of Ministry

Joe Bucciero - Vision Leadership Institute

Ana Bucciero - Vision Leadership Institute​​​​

Dr. David Bush - Faith Christian University​

Dr. S. Brick Cliff - Nation 2 Nation Christian University

David Collins - Wagner University

Rob Covell - Quest Transformation Institute

​​Dr. Caretha Crawford - Gateway to Wholeness Church Ministries

Alise Clouser - Rapha Deliverance University of Practical Ministry​

Scott Dalton - Missio Global Schools of Ministry​

Dr. Stan DeKoven - Vision International University

Dr. John Delgado - Texas University of Theology​​

Christopher Douglas - Liberty College of Ministry

​​Viktor Fomenko - California Coast Bible College

Cathy Fontenot - Rapha Deliverance University of Practical Ministry​

Dr. Ralph Freda - Grace and Peace Institute of Biblical Studies​​

​​Andy Geerken - Wagner Leadership Institute - Pasadena

Varges George - Institute of Christian Leadership ​, Inc.​

Dr. Jackie L. Green - Rapha Deliverance University​​

Joseph Green​ - Rapha Deliverance University of Practical Ministry

Dr. Manon Gurley - Vision International University​

Dr. Tim Hamon - Christian International Ministries

Timothy Harris - Simpsonville, SC​

Dr. Melodye Hilton - International Training Center​

Ivory Hopkins - Rapha Deliverance University of Practical Ministry​

Cecelia Jackson - IA College of Ministry

​Dr. Michael Jackson - IA College of Ministry​

Israel Kim - Apostles Ministry Empowerment Network​​

Dr. Tal Klaus - Vision International University

Dr. Dee Klaus - Vision International University​​

Grace Kriese - Vision Leadership Institute

Dr. Randal Langley - Christian Life School of Theology Global, Inc.

Dr. Leo Lawson - Association of Campus Evangelists for America​​​​

​​Dr. Tony V. Lewis - Christian Bible Institute & Seminary

Catherine M. Lovett - ACEA International and Christian International Ministries

Ken Malmin - Portland Bible College

Dr. Jackie Miller - Wisdom School of Theology and Bible​

​​John Morales Jr - Way Ministry Equipping Center

​​Sherill Piscopo - Evangel Ministries

Dr. Fred Puentes - Central Florida Bible College​​

Dr. Peter Ramos - La Universidad Cristiana​

Dr. Joshua Reichard - Vision International University​

Dr. Henry Reyenga - Christian Leaders Institute

Dr. Vince Rizzo - AMES Christian University

Brian Sauder - DOVE Leadership School

Steven Schmelzer - Zoe Bible College​​

Mark David Shaw, M.T.S. - Collegium Bible Institute​​

Susan Slusher - Christian International Equipping Network

Mitch Smith - Root Loud​​

William Stack - Yeoman Ministry Institute​​

Dr. Mynor Vargas - Crown Theological Seminary​​

Dr. Jeff Victor - Summit Bible College​​

Greg Wallace - Wagner University​

​Dr. John Williams - International Institute of Church Management​​

Daniel Williamson - MFH Church of the Streets

Lyn Williamson - MFH Church of the Streets​​

Benny Yang - Wagner University​

Academic Council for Educational Accountability
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