Membership has its benefits. Our members benefit by networking with other educational professionals who seek to grow their training programs & schools in order to impact the world for Christ. Members also benefit by having a new way to build credibility & accountability outside of traditional accrediting organizations.

Have you ever felt that you were the only one dealing with issues that comes across your desk every day as Christian educators and professionals? You are not alone. The members of ACEA have been there. You have the advantage to gain from years of experienced profesionals in the educational field.

​​As an individual educational professional, you may gain credibility for your resume by becoming a member of the ACEA Professionals Society ($95/yr).

As a training program/school, you may gain credibility by becoming a member of ACEA-Schools Network. The director is immediately inducted into the professionals society at no extra cost. Both receive a certificate from ACEA.

A training program/school, electing to do a voluntary peer review, may gain credibility through accountability by becoming a member of the Academic Council of Educational Accountability. Successfully completing this two-day review, this school receives the "Gold-Standard" certificate of credibility from ACEA.

Here are a few more benefits of membership:
•Access to top Christian educators

•Network with other Christian educators and school administrators

•Accountability and support through relationships

•Invitation to the ACEA International Annual Meeting

•Periodic correspondence from ACEA International Leaders

•Periodic e-newsletters

•Recommended resources for your school or educational profession

•Articles stemming from ACEA International Leaders

•Opportunity to submit articles for sharing with Network Members

•Resource sharing with top Christian schools

•Regional gatherings of ACEA Professionals Society members

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Academic Council for Educational Accountability
Why Join?
The ACEA Summit meeting is always a highlight of the year for me. The topics are always great and I take home new ideas of things to do, or not to do, to improve my school and programs.

Most important to me are the relationships that are built with like-minded and like-faith people who are also training students to serve God. I have been able to build on the relationship developed at ACEA in ways that are not only encouraging and uplifting to me personally but also impact my school directly. Just learning what God is doing across the nation and around the world helps to strengthen me to press on to do His work.

Dr. Tim Hamon
​CEO of Christian International Ministries Network​​

Of the many things teachers love to do, researching a topic of interest and teaching it to willing students is on the top of the list.

​​Though a love, the activity itself, that is, hours of time in on line or library search, writing notes, creating outlines and PowerPoint’s, and then teaching the “revelation” received can be a lonely proposition. Even if working with colleagues in a residential school, true fellowship and new insights as to how to better serve the communities in which we minister can be limited.

​​This is one reason I enjoy and look forward to ACEA’s annual meeting. At ACEA, I see friends who are just as committed to the educational process as I am, but with different perspectives, which helps sharpen me as I dialogue with them over the dynamic topics presented each year by ACEA members and invited guests. This is why I have invited my entire team and key leaders from our network to be apart of this years conference.

Dr. Stan Dekovan
​President of Vision International University​​
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The first time I came to an ACEA summit meeting I really didn’t have any idea how it would help me or how I would fit in with this very diverse and international group of educators. Within the space of two days, I connected with several exceptional people that have since become close friends and partners on several projects. Before I left that first summit, I had been commissioned to do some research on a topic and prepare to present my findings at the next summit. Since that time, ACEA has been an integral part of my education network. I use members as resources for my school and make myself available for others. Now they don’t have to ask me twice when it’s time to register for the next summit meeting. I’ll see you in Pasadena.

After becoming a member of ACEA, I applied to have my schools go through a peer review. I invited two ACEA members, which I’ve grown to trust, to visit our headquarters and also travel to our European schools. They looked at our mission and vision, our administration and the teaching environment of our schools and brought us highly useful feedback on our strengths and what we could do to improve our ability to realize our mission and manifest our vision. Almost every suggestion they passed along was exactly what we needed to move to the next level of success. I consider both the peer reviewers as good friends and I consider ACEA to be a key link in the success of our schools.

Drew Brown
​Operational Director of Prepare International​​

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